Abuse in same sex relationships

Violence also occurs in same-sex relationships and follows in many ways the same patterns as in heterosexual relationships.

The fear of being exposed by your partner as a homosexual, bisexual or transsexual if you haven’t already “come out” can make the abuse even harder to handle. There may be feelings of shame for a lesbian woman, for example, who is living with violence and oppression at the hands of another woman – with the risk of damaging the image of homosexuals in a society where there is already so much prejudice.

Society’s ignorance can also contribute to greater vulnerability. For example, the healthcare system perhaps doesn’t see the abuse if a woman seeks care in the company of her female partner or “friend”. It may also be the case that lesbians are not welcome – or don’t feel welcome – to services for (heterosexual) women. The situation is the same for men.